Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does secure private email mean? Isn't all my email secure?
    • Secure, private email is an email service that is not open to the public and is hosted on private, dedicated servers. Unfortunately, NO, most email services such as Gmail and Yahoo mail are on shared servers and are often "scanned" by the service provider. This is how companies such as Google customize the ads you see based on the content of your emails.
  2. How does the Vaporize feature work?
    • This feature lets you control how long recipients can view an email before it "vaporizes". When composing an email, select a time value from the vaporize dropdown. Emails will not vaporize if you do not select a time value.
    • Note: The mail recipient(s) in the network can still photograph, take a screenshot, or copy and paste the contents of an email before it vaporizes.
  3. How do I grow my network?
    • New networks can be created here: In order to join an existing network, users must receive an invite from the network's creator. Network creators can invite users here:
    • Each person in your network will be able to communicate with each other, but cannot forward emails outside of the network. Users can have more than one network, such as a private network ( or business (
    • For large accounts click here.
  4. Are my emails really deleted when I delete them?
    • When a user deletes an email, it is completely and irrecoverably deleted from our servers within 24 hours.
  5. Is this system for personal use or business?
    • It can be used for either or both. We understand that many countries around the world are illegally monitoring user discussions.
  6. Do you collect any data or sell data to anyone?
    • The only data we collect is to establish your account and get you up and running. Your emails are never scanned for content, and your personal or business data is NEVER sold or rented.
  7. So once I get The Bright Network email I can delete my other emails?
    • The Bright Network email is meant to work independently of other private email services you may have. Remember our network is a closed network of only members you invite. No emails can be received or sent from outsideĀ your network.
  8. So when would I use The Bright Network email?
    • Any conversation that you don't want monitored by search engines or surveilling eyes should be sent via TBN secured email. Some examples might include: proprietary company information, personal or corporate evaluations, travel, or family issues.